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Im looking for investor for my email marketing business.
I own 270 million email database with 92% valid emails. Im looking for investor who invest in server infrastructure to send it. Im planning to run infrastructure to send like 10 million emails per day on daily basis, and increase every week by add more servers.
Potential earnings are $100-$200 depend on country per million sended messages
I have knowledge about email marketing and team which is needed to handle whitelisting.

Investment: $2000 on first run, after you see results you can invest more.
You control all investment, all servers, software will be with your access.

If you are interested about partnership please send email on:
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hi there

As we have discussed on our website`s chat, here is the SEO pricing I was referring to

And as promissed we will also include 1500 non-ugc backlinks as bonus, along with the plan.

thank you
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